Good news – there is a local company that helps sort out the piles of videos and films you don’t know what to with. John Fry from Fry Film told New Valley News:

“Like many people, I had loads of old camcorder tapes from when my brother and I were growing up which I’ve been meaning to copy to a more modern medium for years, to save them for the future, and watch on modern devices.

“So when lockdown was announced last year and all my work dried up, I decided to use the time to finally copy my old tapes onto the computer. Then my wife suggested I offer this service to others before the tapes and machines die.

“Here in Broad Chalke, I run a little video production company making corporate videos, live streaming and films, and a bit of TV work. I’ve been in the game for 20 years, so have amassed quite a lot of equipment, some of which is well out of date.

“Suddenly these old tape machines, cameras and processors have become very useful agai. So far we have transferred hundreds of old tapes to digital and DVDs, which has breathed new life into my old equipment, and given me something useful to do while stuck at home. I can offer this service to people with old tapes they’d like to see again.

“If you have any old camcorder tapes, Super8 film, 16mm, or VHS tapes and you’d like to save the contents for the digital age, do get in touch. We can also enhance and restore recordings to a quality better than you might have ever seen them!” said John.

John Fry – 01722781155.